Whether it's one-on-one meetings or a retreat for the entire team, Jake provides custom training to help grow and develop leadership skills. Whether you're getting ready to lead a new initiative at work, trying to resolve conflicts between team members, or are reviewing the organization's mission and vision, Jake can help.

Creating the

Strategic Plan

Strategic planning often ends up causing more frustration and conflict than is necessary. Working with Jake, you will experience a process that provides alignment for your team and ends with your organization building a plan worth implementing.

When you book this service, Jake will work with you to:

  • Build a timeline that fits your organization or department needs.

  • Collect feedback from employees to increase buy-in.

  • Develop the implementation plan

  • Hold the team accountable for executing the plan

Investment for this service varies from organization to organization. Contact Jake today to discuss your needs.

Teamwork Makes

the Dream work

In organizational life, dealing with conflict is inevitable. Mishandling conflict when it appears can result in strained relationships and issues of trust which can prevent the work from getting done. This session helps participants create a trusting environment where teams can work through conflict and lead the organization to success. 


  • Learn to manage disagreement 

  • Demonstrate active listening skills

  • Understand the role of inquiry in conflict

  • Develop strategies for resolving conflict

Investment: $750 + Travel

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