Now is the time for dreams

"Man, I'm going to fail. I'm going to let everyone down, and all this work will have been for nothing."

That was me throughout my last semester of graduate school. There was a lot of fear of failing, of not being good enough, of not finishing my degree. It kept me awake at night and there were plenty of times where I found myself frozen, not being able to get my school work done. It bled into my relationships with others and my full time job. I needed to recharge and get myself back to a place where I could do the work and move beyond all the things holding me back. I started reaching out to those around me and sharing my struggles. The vulnerability and feedback from my friends and family led me to be more mindful. Being more mindful of things that I've done to make it this far and the people who have helped me get here changed my mindset. I got past all the bullshit and graduated with my Master's degree in Organizational Leadership from St. Ambrose University this past weekend.

At some point, everyone has these moments of "crisis" where they can lose touch with all the things in this world that make them awesome. We get filled with anxiety and self doubt and it becomes a barrier that keeps us from accomplishing our goals. When we can lift the veil and see past all of the immediate troubling circumstances we can see all the good that is in our world. When we can see the light at the end of those dark tunnels we can realize that this is time for dreams.

On to the next adventure

Earlier this fall, I launched my website offering my services as a leadership speaker and coach. Now that I've closed the chapter on graduate school, the next adventure begins. As a speaker, I hope to bring my message to other colleges and universities and inspire the next generation of college students, letting them know that they accomplish anything! As a coach, my goal is to be a resource people can use to get them through whatever life throws at them.

Does this connect with you or someone you know? As we wrap up the year, let's remember that now is the time for dreams. I hope that in 2019 you'll let me help you realize yours.

- Jake

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